The Bible Society exists to bring the Word of God to all people, in a language they understand, in an appropriate form, and at a price each one can afford.

In Ireland the National Bible Society works with all Christian Churches and with individuals providing Bible resources, simple guides, Scripture studies, help and expertise. We want everyone to know and understand the Word of God.

In Ireland, we raise money to fund translation, production and distribution of God’s Word in other countries. There are over 6,000 languages in the world but in nearly three-quarters of these languages there is no Bible translation.

By contributing to the Bible Society, you will be actively supporting our work, both at home and overseas. Help us to bring the joy and hope of the Word of God to the people of Ireland and to the people of the world. You will be able to follow the work of the Bible Society through our newsletters and reports. You can join us in prayer with the United Bible Societies prayer booklet and you can meet us at conferences and lectures from time to time throughout Ireland.

Members – annual subscription €10 due from January 2023

(postal donations made out to NBSI send to 41/42 Dawson Street, Dublin2)

All donations will be acknowledged by email or letter.

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